Feminine Dressing For The Modern Modest Woman

It can be hard to find good clothes for a feminine appearance with the increasingly masculine styles that have come into women’s clothing trends. There are still good places to get feminine high quality clothing however, websites like Baggu being an example. If you want to dress both feminine and modestly, it’s simply a matter of finding a few pieces that fit your style amongst the hundreds that don’t.

The easiest way to maintain a feminine appearance is with dresses. You can never go wrong. Recently, midi dresses saw a big resurgence in popularity. Midi dresses are perfect when paired with a medium heel and good accessories. Be sure to get a few midi dresses in your closet. Also, if you don’t already own a pair of comfortable heels that are medium height, you should invest in a pair. They are incredibly versatile and will look good casually with the aforementioned dresses.

Maxi skirts and dresses are also very popular. With this, you need to be careful not to look sloppy. While the maxi skirt and crop top pairing is popular and undeniably feminine, it won’t feel very comfortable for very modest women. Instead of a crop top, try a normal slightly looser tank top that you can tuck in and belt around your waist with the maxi skirt. This obviously works better if your maxi skirt is high-waisted, which is just a more flattering style in general. Try to get most of your clothing in a high waist style and belt them there. It will help to give you a very flattering hourglass silhouette for maximum sensuality without showing any excess skin. It’s the ultimate in classy sex appeal. All you need with these outfits are the right accessories and you’re good to go.